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Bankruptcy Client Reviews Their free consultation was thorough and they really settled me down and got me thinking about taking the right kinds of action instead of just getting beat up. These guys are pros and always respond to my calls and emails. I recommend them to friends and family whenever someone needs help with debt.

    • Vickie K.
    • Glendora, CA
    • 13friends
    • 2reviews


Bankruptcy Client Reviews So bankruptcy is horrible. Leon sure knew how to help. From the start over the phone to meeting  him in person, leon was a big help. Even gave me some bus money to get home. Everything went smooth. Couldn’t be happier. Use Leon for all your bankruptcy needs. Thanks for your help leon






    • Pretty R.
    • Los Angeles, CA
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Bankruptcy Client Reviews I filed bankruptcy in 2006 after having my identity stolen, I was scared and didn’t know what to do. I was very fortunate to find Leon Bayer attorney through ARAG Group legal benefits. The staff was courteous and efficient, everything was finalized and I couldn’t be happier. I was able to start over and leave it all behind me.
Contact the office with any questions or if you are considering bankruptcy. You will not regret it.

    • B S.
    • Pasadena, CA
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    • 1review

Bankruptcy Lawyer Reviews12/7/2016

Mr. Bayer was extremely professional and answered all my questions with his knowledge from years of experience.  I recommend his services and I wouldn’t hesitate to contact him.

Cheap Los Angeles Bankruptcy Lawyer Fees and Quality Legal Representation by the Bankruptcy Law Firm of BAYER, WISHMAN & LEOTTA. Call 800-477-3111
    • Jules B.
    • San Fernando, CA
    • friends
    • 3reviews


I found Leon Bayer online at the spur of the moment by searching BK attorneys with great reviews.  I was instantly impressed when I called and he got on the phone with me right then.  I could tell Leon was professional and relaxed in the way only someone very experienced can be.  I knew I was in the right place.

Each time I had questions and called, Leon came to the phone and assisted me.  Elizabeth in his office was also great and helped me a lot.  Leon knew the process and exactly how to handle my case each step of the way.  He is clear and concise and as a bonus has a good sense of humor.

At one point during my case we hit a glitch and I was fearful.  I called Leon and of course he came right to the phone.  After discussing it with him in his calm knowledgeable manner I knew it was going to work out fine, and it did!

I already have a dear friend who is going to begin the process with Leon.  I also have another friend who has a problem with a time share who Leon offered to speak with.  It feels wonderful to have someone I can recommend to the people close to me.

From the first phone call Leon looked out for me, protected me and guided me deftly through the process, which I had not been through before.  I highly recommend him to anyone who needs legal assistance.  I was in excellent hands from beginning to end.

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    • Terri R.
    • Wisconsin Dells, WI
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    • 1review


Bankruptcy Client Reviews If you are looking for an honest and down to earth attorney that will respect you, then Leon D Bayer is your attorney. We didn’t know which way to turn after the Attorney firm we hired for our chapter 7 bankruptcy ended up to be scammers and took our money and didn’t even show at our creditor hearing. If you look on line now the BBB has given Legal Helper’s a rating of “F” I thought I was smarter than that, but at the time they did not have a negative comment about them. Attorney Bayer was very sympathetic of to our situation and made suggestions that we should undertake as a consultation. I don’t know any other Attorney that would do that and I am the Office Manager of the Clerk of Circuit Court and I intertwine with Attorney’s every day. Attorney Bayes is a man of great Stature! Feel confident hiring him…you cannot lose!


    • Jeff O.
    • Lakewood, CA
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Bankruptcy Client Reviews Bankruptcy is hard enough as it is, I lost my job after 35 years and trying to keep a roof over our heads. Jeff Wishman was very professional with my questions and concerns. Jeff Helped me get out of a lot of bad debt. I would definitely recommend their services for any kind of debt relief or questions. Jeff did a great job and everything went smooth. Thank you Jeff, for all of your help. Greatly Appreciated.    Thanks
Jeff O. and Family

Bankruptcy Lawyer Reviews of Bayer, Wishman & Leotta.

    • Cary C.
    • Beverly Hills, CA
    • 1friend
    • 3reviews


Bankruptcy is a difficult and scary final option for many individuals or businesses. I have known Mr. Wishman for over 20+ years to be an honest, knowledgeable and caring professional. He has always taken my calls or returned my calls timely. In reality attorney’s only have time and experience to offer so choose wisely and ask questions. I recommend Mr. Wishman and his firm unconditionally!


    • Luis M.
    • Los Angeles, CA
    • 1friend
    • 7reviews


nothing but positive things to say about this firm and the emplyees…..keep up the good work.

    • Juan G.
    • Covina, CA
    • 0friends
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I called Leon’s office late last week and spoke to one of his secretaries. I had a question about a lien that showed up on a title search of my property as I’m trying to sell my home.

Soon after explaining my situation to the secretary, she offered to make an appointment for me to see Leon at his Encino office the next day on a Saturday. Thinking I had answered my own question in the process of talking to her and going over old Chapter 7 paperwork I had sitting in front of me I didn’t take the appointment. Wrong!
I called Leon’s office again on Tuesday at 10am after receiving an email from the title company handling the title on the sale of my home. Again this lien was going no where. Even after faxing over paperwork showing proof that the lien was removed in the Bankruptcy from 2011, the title company wanted further proof as evidence in the form of a certified court copy.

The very helpful receptionist who answered the phone transferred me to Leon who was available to speak to me. He took my name and some additional information. However, because the case was almost 4 yrs old, he said he would have someone pull my file from storage. I asked when I could come into his office to see him, and Leon made himself available to see me the same afternoon by 3:00. Sure enough, when I showed up my file was ready and Leon assured me we would take care of this problem quiet easily.

We called the title company handling my transaction and he introduced himself as my attorney. Leon was very professional, calm, and confident in his tone as he spoke with the title company.

Not more than 10 minutes later, the title company told Leon the problem was going to be solved. They had enough information from the original paperwork that Leon’s office provided me to fax to them that they were certain the lien removal was going to pose no further problem.
My visit with Mr. Leon Bayer this afternoon was extremely productive and fruitful.
I can’t stress enough how highly I recommend Leon’s professionalism and efficiency in handling my outstanding lien problem. Leon is the man to see if you’re facing having to file a bankruptcy. I never expected being able to get the kind of service I did today with such short notice. Leon is as prepared to solve my bk-related lien as he was when I first saw him 4yrs ago. And did I mention, Leon didn’t even take a fee for his time.

My visit today was absolutely free. Thank you Leon !! YOU’RE THE BEST !!


    • Cathy M.
    • Glendale, CA
    • 2friends
    • 15reviews
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I cannot recommend Jeff Wishman highly enough. I am a real estate loan agent and occasionally have a client that is in true need of a bankruptcy attorney. Jeff does a free initial consultation which handles the most pressing concerns my clients have. This alone is a huge service because it helps the client sort out whether bankruptcy is the right step for them. Every client that Jeff has handled fully to a discharged bankruptcy is grateful, relieved and ready to build a new financial life!


    • Mae M.
    • 0friends
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I am thankful that I was led to Leon Bayer’s bankruptcy web site.  He was attentive, honest and kind to me during the entire bankruptcy procedure.  Mr Bayer, you are a kind, true and honest bankruptcy attorney.  I like that.  Now I am free from debt and my nerves are totally eased.  I don’t ever want another credit card.  My Debit Card is sufficient.  Thank you for the Letter of Discharge.  I am free and learned a good lesson from you.  I will refer anyone to you when and if I hear they are in financial trouble.  Thank you Mr. Bayer, you deserve a very good life.


Comment from Leon B. of Bayer Wishman & Leotta 
Business Owner

1/11/2015 It is a great pleasure helping you. Be well, and call me any time any questions arise about your… Read more

    • C F H.
    • Gardena, CA
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Leon Bayer is the man! He had worked with me in the past helping me settle a previous debacle, which I prefer not to get into, and over six years later is once again assisting me in dealing with yet another dilemma of a different type.

When I recently received a collections call for money I did not owe for an apartment I moved out of six years ago, and after trying to resolve the issue myself with no success, I decided to turn to Leon for some advise.  After describing to the receptionist who I am and mentioning my previous case, Leon immediately took my call. He was very helpful and made what was turning into a major headache seem like no problem at all. He gave me specific instructions to follow. I did what he suggested and was on the right track towards resolving the problem, but shortly thereafter, the balance on the account the collectors were trying to gouge out of me showed up on my credit report.

I contacted Leon once again. He gave me further advise, but then at the end of the call, asked if I would like to go to his office so he could help me out with everything himself, rather than continuing on my own. He suggested we meet that same day and at NO CHARGE! I was very honored and looking forward to meeting with him.

Leon spent a considerable amount of time assisting me with this whole false claim and to be more specific, he actually called the collectors questioning their actions and wrote a letter to them, which he faxed over immediately! After all his help, he would still not even accept any money from me.

A couple weeks went by and collector’s replied to Leon’s letter arguing that my proof I had not lived in the apartment for six years was not good enough. Leon wrote a second, longer letter going into more detail of my departure. I waited patiently for a resolution but had not heard anything more from the collectors. A little over a month went by and I received a notification of an update to my credit report. I logged in and saw the negative item had finally been removed!

I am very grateful to have Leon help me out with everything. I couldn’t have done it without him and I would definitely recommend him to anyone dealing with financial legal issues.

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    • Gianna C.
    • Whittier, CA
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    • 5reviews
    • 33photos


We saw Leon D Bayer in July 2014 for a very complicated bankruptcy case my mom left behind! His office staff were all very friendly and organized! And he was very polite and extremely educated and helpful. He found things the three previous lawyers couldn’t. He spent his time with us going over all scenarios and options. I would highly recommend him!

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    • Linda K.
    • Diamond Bar, CA
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    • 2reviews


I have been with Bayer, Wishman & Leotta for two years now and I am so happy with their expertise and professionalism. They are the BEST attorneys around.  Jeffrey Wishman has helped me with every situation that has come about. He is extremely knowledgeable and helpful.  He is easy to reach and returns all my phone calls quickly.  I highly recommend them to anyone who needs an attorney.  I could not have asked for anyone better.


    • Mike L.
    • El Monte, CA
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I’m being threatened, and sued by a collection company. So I decided that I would call around to find information and seek some help from an attorney. I called several law offices, and honestly they seem like they didn’t want to give me the time of the day. All they want is for me to come in and give me a 15 minutes free consultation and decided if I would hire them, on a couple occasions they would just hang up on me

So I decided to make one last call and I spoke to Leon he patiently listen to hear me out, and gave me some advice on how to approach it.  We spent about 30 to 45 min ON THE PHONE! He was most helpful, and patient. He didn’t even suggest for me to come in for the consult.  Should my case go beyond my capabilities I wouldn’t hesitate to hire Mr Leon.

Thank you for your assistance, and patients it’s difficult to really find an awesome office that is willing to help.

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    • Kate S.
    • Carlsbad, CA
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3/31/2014 Updated review

Leon Bayer was referred to me by my corporate attorney during a very difficult time. He was professional, compassionate and realistic. I could not have asked for a better person to take me through my bankruptcy. He let me know what I could expect from the process and gave me sound advice on how to best prepare for what was ahead. My debt was discharged in 2009 yet to this day, Mr. Bayer continues to answer any questions that I have. If he is not the subject matter expert, he directs me to one of his peers.

I would recommend Leon to anyone who needs help with BK

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2/16/2010 Previous review

When I was in the process of losing my business and deciding whether or not to file chapter 7, my… Read more

    • Natasha R.
    • Glendale, CA
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    • 6reviews

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I must say it is a little difficult to a find a good Lawyer that you can trust fully and someone who can help you without any twists to it. With that said I am more than happy that I came across Leon Bayers website online and decided to set up an appointment with him. Leon was very clear on how everything works and what is expected. Throughout my case not once did i have an issue. My case was completed perfectly and professionally, and even after that when i tried to speak with Leon Bayer or email him he responded in no time and always was available to speak on the phone and answer questions. I am happy to say I am done with my case and more than satisfied that I chose Leon Bayer for this. You get what you want and pay for. I will definitely recommend him to anyone that needs a good lawyer for bankruptcy.

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Comment from Leon B. of Bayer Wishman & Leotta 
Business Owner

3/1/2014 Thank you!

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    • Dave W.
    • Mission Viejo, CA
    • 1friend
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Extremely compassionate and helpful. Gave me great advice and were really good about returning my phone calls and emails. I’m very glad I found them!

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Comment from Leon B. of Bayer Wishman & Leotta 
Business Owner

3/25/2014 Dave, I appreciate your very kind words.

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    • Mark W.
    • Lake Forest, CA
    • 7friends
    • 3reviews


Very understanding lawyers who helped me through some very difficult issues with kindness and remarkable expertise!



    • Taylor R.
    • Los Angeles, CA
    • 0friends
    • 6reviews


I had an incredible experience working with Leon Bayer.  I was very nervous when I first had my consultation regarding the bankruptcy and he immediately put me at ease.  The whole process worked out terrific.  Thank you Bayer, Wishman & Leotta.


Comment from Leon B. of Bayer Wishman & Leotta 
Business Owner

1/27/2014 Thank you for taking your time to post. I appreciate it very much!


    • Kevin E.
    • Compton, CA
    • 0friends
    • 1review


Absolutely the best.  Much appreciated. I work hard but I over extended and put my home in jeopardy when everything crashed. Mr. Wishman and his very helpful staff helped me recover. It’s been a couple of years ago now and it’s almost like the problem didn’t happen. I recommend them highly.
You all are great. Thank you


    • Pamela H.
    • West Hills, CA
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Bankruptcy Lawyer Reviews


Leon did a chapter 7 for us in  Jan 2011. He offered much advice and
didn’t try to sway us either way. I recently contacted him now 2 1/2
years later and again he was so helpful and offered different scenarios
about our current home situation. Thanks Leon!


    • Steven G.
    • Hemet, CA
    • 0friends
    • 2reviews

7/10/2013 Updated review

When we fell into our situation and needed to file bankruptcy we unfortunately started out with another firm that was nationwide.  They were extremely unprofessional, never answered questions we had, and if they did answer a question, they always billed us for a simple question.

Fortunately a friend of mine used Bayer, Wishman, & Leotta, and referred us to Mr. Wishman.  Mr. Wishman was extremely knowledgeable, open, honest, and friendly.  This firm answers every question you have and in a very short time period (usually less than 24 hours) without additional charges.

Bayer, Wishman, & Leotta are life savers!  This firm is the most honest firm I have ever dealt with, and I have dealt with a lot of law firms in the career I am in!  They will not leave you hanging; they will not lie about your finances, and will do everything in their power to assist you when going through a bankruptcy!  They use every option the law allows to help you through a BK!

One thing I have learned going through this BK, most law firms that handle bankruptcies, also have other clients such as, personal injury claims, legal defense, etc.  These types of firms are not the best firms to handle your case!   Bayer, Wishman, & Leotta are specialists!  They only handle bankruptcies, period!  They know these laws completely, unlike the other firms!  As the commissioner in my case told us, “This paper work is the done the best I have seen in months!”  That comment told us this is the right firm to use!  To this day, they still will answer simple questions that rarely come up, without hesitation and my BK was discharged just under 2 years ago!  Use them, you will not regret it!


9/27/2009 Previous review

First, I wanted to thank you for all of your help, I really appreciated it, even though at times I… Read more

    • David T.
    • Los Angeles, CA
    • 0friends
    • 1review


I have been a small business owner since 1994.  As most business

owners do, I toiled some 70 – 80 hours per week managing the in-

field and onsite daily activities of the business.  I was

fortunate enough to have enough word-of-mouth recommendations

that I never advertised.  Until one day…..
The sad story I will make brief.  I decided to contract

with one of the largest corporations in the world.  And I

realized that no matter what your contractural agreement says

with them, they have the money and legal council to toy with you

as they wish.  So, I hired a litigation attorney and went to

court with them.  We won. Then we won a second case.  But now I

was $20,000 out in legal costs with another 10 cases to go.  The

time burden alone was destroying my business.  So, my litigation

attorney and I spoke and it was decided that I would have a

better life should I bankrupt the company.  He recommended Bayer,

Wishman and Leotta.
Bankruptcy and the very idea of bankruptcy was not a

pleasant thought.  The years of hard work I had put into my

company was about to vanish before my eyes.  Though my company

was a C-Corp it was still very personal to me.  I contacted

Bayer, Wishman and Leotta.  We arranged a time to meet for

consultation and what basic documents I would need to bring for

the meeting.  I arrived at a downtown skyscraper and was ready

for the cold process.  But rather, I was greeted with a smilea

and an offer of a beverage.  My wait to see Mr. Wishman was

short.  And, my time with him was anything but cold.  He

patiently listened to my story and based upon his questions and

replies, he obviously empathized with me.
We spoke about several options and he even suggested that

I be absolutely certain I wanted to move in this direction.

How’s that for a soft sell.  So, I left with contemplation and a

list of documents I would need to present to him should I move

forward.  And, move forward was what I did.
My fear of an expensive bankruptcy went out the window

when we agreed on the terms.  And, my fear of being lost in the

shuffle went out the window as well.  I was anything but a number

to them.  I felt as though I mattered.  And, they processed my

documentation much faster that I provided it to them.  I reviewed

their legal case presentation and they reviewed my review. We

discussed stategy and then I had my day in court.  When I arrived

at the courthouse, they were there waiting for me. So I sat

before the judge.  That could have felt very alone.  But, the

support I received was fantastic.  My bankruptcy is now final and

based upon the handling of my case by Bayer, Wishman and Leotta,

I never received a single challenge to the bankruptcy.
If you are ever unfortunate enough to have to go through

bankruptcy, do not hesitate to contact them.  You will be in the

best possible hands and you will not be just another number.
I am David T…and Bayer, Wishman and Leotta have my highest

PS: I feel like I have my life back!



    • Marsha G.
    • Wildomar, CA
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    • 2reviews

Bankruptcy Lawyer Reviews


Mr Bayer was very helpful and understanding. This company makes you feel like a family member instead of a client. I would highly recommend this firm to anyone looking a great attorney.


    • Jannette G.
    • Hawthorne, CA
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    • 1review


I received nothing short of stellar service!  I am a primary borrower on a mortgage which the secondary borrower filed for Chp 7 Bankruptcy.  That discharge was showing up on my credit when it shouldn’t have since I didn’t file for bankruptcy.  After several calls to other attorneys that only wanted money up front for services that obviously I didn’t need, Jeff Wishman resolved my matter with just the initial consultation.  He was very nice, easy to talk to, practical and extremely bright – a great reflection of the entire firm!


    • Constance J.
    • Compton, CA
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I was in a bankruptcy mess. When I searched the internet for a law firm, this was the first law firm that crossed my path. What a Blessing!  Jeff Wishman was an outstanding attorney that handled my case with concern and integrity. I felt I was in good hands from the moment I sat in the chair. Jeff Wishman is courteous, kind and first rate. My bankruptcy was handled witrh diplomacy and without the embarassment we sometimes feel in these trying times. Thank you Jeff and thanks to all of you at the firm. Your professionalism is appreciated.



    • Shaye L.
    • San Francisco, CA
    • 5friends
    • 5reviews


I’m a bankruptcy lawyer myself, and I just want to say how much I appreciate my good friend Leon Bayer,  who generously helped me with a particularly tricky bankruptcy situation involving an elderly woman with cancer about to lose her home. Thanks so much for your expertise, wisdom, insight and willingness to provide so much of your time to help me assist this woman in obtaining a more secure financial future!


Finding the right lawyer for your situation is one of the most painful things one may ever need to do. Thankfully, I was given Bayer Wishman and Leotta’s name through a friend. Leon Bayer made me feel completely at ease and was never too busy to take my calls and give me direction.


    • Leslie H.
    • La Verne, CA
    • 0friends
    • 2reviews


Mr. Bayer is a knowledgeable and trustworthy attorney.   He handled our Chapter 7 bankruptcy case with ease.  He is approachable and returns calls/emails quickly.  I would highly recommend him.  Bankruptcy can be a scary event, but with his expertise you can rest assured you are in good hands.


    • Rose G.
    • Glendale, CA
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    • 1review


I randomly found their phone number from a search engine and called for some advice. I had been doing online research about an issue that I’ve been having and wasn’t getting the specifics answers I wanted. I decided to go straight to the source and called their office. I had the pleasure of talking to Mr. Bayer and he was kind enough to answer all my questions over the telephone. He helped me tremendously and I got the answer I was looking for. Even if you don’t need an attorney but have questions about legal issues, BW&L is the place to call! They were very kind and helpful!


    • Rick N.
    • North Hollywood, CA
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I recently found myself on disability with creditors hounding me for payment. I contacted Mr. Bayer for help. He was well spoken, knowlegeable and friendly. He had all the right answers for my situation. Never any preasure,  just good honest help. I highly recommend hte entire team!! Thanks Mr. Bayer    RW


    • A B.
    • Corona, CA
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I am extremely impressed with the representation I received from Mr. Wishman.  He was always professional and  promptly responded to my questions, even after business hours.  I have referred people to him and will continue to do so.   Thanks for your compassion and help and making an emotional experience bearable.


    • Rebecca S.
    • Los Angeles, CA
    • 0friends
    • 1review


I just read the review by Poor Girl H.  I can’t remember whether I paid Mr. Bayer by cash or check.  A friend who had also experienced difficult financial times highly recommended him to me.  She told me
that she paid him by cash and check.  Nevertheless, however I paid him, I’m absolutely satisfied with the work he did for me!

From the first moment that I had contact with Mr. Bayer, he put me at ease over my difficult decision to file bankruptcy. My financial problems had become too overwhelming for me. My decision to file was quite emotional for me because in my wildest dreams I never thought that I would find myself in that predicament.

I was assured by Mr. Bayer and his staff that I was in good hands. And I have to say that they were 100% correct. Everything ran smoothly from the moment that I submitted my required documents and financial information to Mr. Bayer. In about a week most of the telephone calls and letters that I had been receiving from my creditors began to diminish. And within less than two weeks, they all ceased. That was a major stress relief. Even with the court backlogs, THE WHOLE PROCESS, from the first time that I spoke to Mr. Bayer on the telephone asking him for his assistance to the moment that I received my DISCHARGE OF DEBTOR document in the mail, TOOK LESS THAN SIX MONTHS.

During the process and even after, each and every time that I spoke to Mr. Bayer or his staff I was treated with respect and compassion. All of the assistance and information that I requested from them was given to me immediately — usually within a few hours, if that long.

For any person in need of a bankruptcy attorney, I highly recommend Mr. Leon D. Bayer. It’s my opinion that his professionalism and immediate actions probably rank him as one of the best in his field.


    • Bob L.
    • Los Angeles, CA
    • 0friends
    • 1review


Leon gave me a free consult during which he told me that I should check in with him, as things progressed.  I came back a year later, as things had got worse, and he then suggested I file Chapter 7. He accepted payment over time, in debit card and checks, as I was not able to pay the whole fee up-front. His office staff was helpful, clear, accurate, and he was typically available every time I called his office, even after paying the fee, for when I had questions. He was responsive to emails and faxes, as well. The appearance was painless, the paperwork was straight-forward, and I’ve referred several people to him since. My BK was discharged in early ’11. I strongly recommend Leon.


    • Eric S.
    • Long Beach, CA
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I chose Mr. Bayer to represent me, when filing a Chapter 7 bankruptcy.  He was very professional and made the process very smooth.   I would highly recommend Mr. Bayer for his services.


    • Jeff X.
    • Kagel Canyon, CA
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    • 1review


I am a physician who was swept into a financial hurricane in 2008/09 and essentially lost everything but my paycheck and my alimony payment. I was very worried that I would not qualify for a Ch. 7 or that something would go wrong. I was seriously thinking about quitting work for five years If I couldn’t get a Chapter 7. Who would work for a $100/month after the Ch. 13 trustee was done with your paycheck? Not worth the stress. Anyway, I was referred by a colleague who had the same issues and was assured of his confidentiality and excellence. What he didn’t tell me about was his compassion. Having an anxiety disorder myself I called many times and he returned every call in less than 24 hours to offer a calm and reassuring presence. Long story short, I got my Chapter 7 and I don’t have to think about going someplace cheap to wait out my five years. My BK was complex due to being a physician, an ex wife, and many creditors and the first attorney I went to took my money then ran saying he couldn’t do it because it would take too much time and was too complex. I found out in the small print though that he could keep my money. When I went to Leon he quickly reassured me and showed me how and why I qualified for a Ch. 7. While the technical excellence was worth every penny, the personal and compassionate attention was priceless! Good luck with you in your legal process. I hope you choose Leon because my experience was nothing but top notch.  Jeff


    • Ocean S.
    • Los Angeles, CA
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    • 1review


I was facing a complex financial catastrophe. I spoke to several different bankruptcy lawyers who were reluctant to take my difficult case. Some said they felt they lacked the experience to handle it for me, others said it was too challenging. Another lawyer suggested that I consult Leon Bayer. I did just that. With his wealth of knowledge and experience, Leon effortlessly unravelled the complexities of my case, and was able to simplify the issues. He relished my case that other lawyers were afraid to handle. Happy and relieved to receive this level of service, I retained him to handle my Chapter 7. Every nuance of the case went smoothly with no problems, and it all worked out just as he had predicted the first time I met with him. Even with my many questions, Leon was always there by my side to accurately advise me. It’s unbelievable, but Leon is a lawyer that actually returns calls promptly, fairly charges, and most especially, really cares about his clients. If all the lawyers were just like Leon, nobody would ever tell another “lawyer joke.”  I couldn’t be happier with the service, attention to detail and consideration I received during this very difficult period.  I highly recommend Leon and his exceptional staff of trained professionals.



Leon Bayer is one of the best! I highly recommend him.  Bankruptcy is not only a difficult process, but hard to understand and Mr. Bayer is clear in explaining the process, but also in reesponding to your questions and concerns before, during and after the process–Leon and Bayer Wishman & Leotta –the best to help you!


    • Kay D.
    • Santa Clarita, CA
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Filing bankruptcy was something I never imagined I would have to do.  Fortunately when I realized it might be an option, I was directed to Leon Bayer at Bayer, Wishman & Leotta.  Mr Bayer was patient, understanding, and gracious….always.  The filing and the hearing went smoothly.  I have had questions since the hearing and Mr Bayer has never failed to provide me with quick, complete responses.  Having the confidence that I will get a response, even after the bankruptcy has been discharged, has meant everything to me.

Kay D


    • JB L.
    • Granada Hills, CA
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Jeffrey Wishman made one of the most difficult times of my life much easier to cope with and handle.  He and his staff answered all questions clearly and concisely.  All phone calls were responded to in a very timely manner; all messages returned.  There was never any doubt that my case was being handled in a most competent manner; and  I was treated with the utmost respect and consideration.  Mr. Wishman will always remain in my thoughts in a most kindly manner.  I highly recommend him as an attorney who will put himself out to help in whatever way he can.



    • CW M.
    • Huntington Beach, CA
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    • 4reviews


Dear Mr. Wishman,

Thank you to you & your Team @ Bayer, Wishman & Leotta for taking me on this exceptionally emotional journey & being with me every step of the way. It has been a learning process.

The decision to file bankruptcy was a difficult & painful one. I had heard outstanding feedback  from friends & business associates who went to BWL & had the most positive  experience.

They stated “they were given their lives back. ”

That’s when I knew I was ready to make that first call to your office.

Thank you for your exceptional service you provided me through the entire process of my Chapter 7 BK.

I recall walking into your office & feeling so sad, so beaten up & wrought with fear about the future.

By the time I walked out of your office, I knew I hired the right law firm.

Atty. Wishman, you put me at ease immediately, finding some common ground to share which was a great icebreaker. I left feeling content & not so nervous about the BK.

From the beginning of the BK process, lots of paper work, the hearing & through final discharge, you just didn’t answer my questions, you explained it to me in great detail & took as much time as I needed. You were always so patient.

You & your Team helped me to understand the process.

Thank you for always having tissues on hand too. You were so compassionate with just the right sense of humor at the right time.

I always felt  that I would be taken care of with your expertise, professionalism, knowledge, attention to detail, &
excellent communication. You display the highest level of integrity, skill & are straightforward.

Your quick response time to all of my phone calls or emails was excellent, & I really appreciated the follow ups making sure that everything was in order and that the staff was taking care of me as well with my case. I know, I asked so many questions.

Mr. Wishman, I’ am so very fortunate that  you handled my case. You went above & beyond my expectations. I never once felt like a number or just a client when  talking with you. .

Thank you for giving me a fresh start.

I would refer my family, friends & business associates to
Bayer, Wishman & Leotta if they ever needed to discuss or file BK  as I know they would truly be in amazing hands.

Warm Regards,
Orange County, CA

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    • Mozelle L.
    • Santa Barbara, CA
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Leon Bayer is a kind lawyer, who guided us in a timely manner, with kindness, through Bankruptcy.  His advice is clear and to the point.  We are very happy with the outcome!  Thank you Mr. Bayer!  Moz


    • Judith M.
    • Marina del Rey, CA
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Leon Bayer and the lawyers of Bayer, Wishman & Leotta are your  “Lawyers of First Choice” when any question or issue of bankruptcy is first encountered.  Mr. Bayer and his team pride themselves on dispensing cost-effective, efficient, and decisive advice and advocacy with unflinching loyalty, respect, discretion and determination.  Bankruptcy is a specialty and there is no room for part-time general lawyers dabbling in this area of the law, since important deadlines or questions of law can be missed and to your detriment.  Leon Bayer is a certified specialist with the California State Bar.

This team of professionals will treat you with respect.  No need to feel embarrassed about your situation, since Bayer, Wishman & Leotta will find the best solution for your situation and tailor it to your individual needs and financial state.

I called the office and asked for assistance with a possible bankruptcy.  I had nowhere to turn, my home was going into foreclosure because of construction defects, and I was buried in medical bills due to cancer treatment.  I was at the end of my rope.  Then I called Leon Bayer, Esq.   The staff was extremely professional, discreet, concerned and responsive to my needs.  They treated me like they knew me forever. They immediately set an appointment with Mr. Bayer who kept me informed about each step of the process.  They filed all the right papers without a hitch and appeared with me in the bankruptcy court.  Once I filed, they took over all calls from creditors and I finally got a good nights sleep.  When the waiting period was over, I received my discharge papers in the mail.   They would be my first choice for anyone seeking bankruptcy relief .  They never put you off.  Call them now; you won’t be disappointed.   JM, Los Angeles, California.


    • Joan C.
    • Woodland Hills, CA
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I met with Leon for a complimentary initial consultation.  I was impressed with his insight and honesty.  He determined that bankruptcy wasn’t the direction I should be going at this time.  He did, however, offer some advice that might help get me through my current financial situation.     If I decide to go forward with bankruptcy at a later time, I wouldn’t hesitate to call Leon.


    • H M.
    • Sherman Oaks, CA
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Leon is by far the best Bankruptcy Attorney in Los Angeles. In going through this process I met with and interviewed a number of Attorney’s.

Unlike the prior reviewer Leon gave me all the time I needed to meet with others and make a decision (in fact I came back to Leaon after almost a month and he was still just as helpful as when we first met). He worked with me on a payment plan for his fees and even showed me how to get a discount through the online website.

This is a difficult enough decision to make as it is, but he made me feel comfortable and everything was done so quickly and efficiently I would use him and the firm again in a heartbeat!


    • Olivia V.
    • Los Angeles, CA
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We used Mr. Leon Bayer to represent us in a Chapt 7 and couldn’t be happier. He is an expert in bankruptcies and we were very lucky to have had him represent us!  He is the best!


    • Theresa H.
    • Trabuco Canyon, CA
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    • 2reviews


We were extremely lucky that someone recommended Leon to represent us in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy.  He always reassured us and answered every question we had.  He really knows what he is doing and I wouldn’t want anyone else representing me!  He’s great!


    • Bill H.
    • Los Angeles, CA
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Thank You Leon!

These Guys are World Class Bankruptcy Attorneys Bayer Wish and Leotta in Los Angeles.

They had me come in and fill out some paperwork,

Talked with Leon was treated very professionally and all my questions were answered. Does not matter if your up town downtown or No town these are your Bankruptcy Attorneys.

Plain and Simple hire them Case is Closed no more worries about debt and you may have a few Laughs even and that what you need when your worry about Debt!

Thanks Again Leon and Heck If I could Do A commerial For I would Even Stand On Head Thanking You and your Great Team of of Associates!


    • Alan S.
    • Encino, CA
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Dear Leon. We can hardly express our gratitude as you have gone above and beyond to help us in our time of need. Your professionalism coupled with your personal support has helped us to get through a very difficult time. Once again let us thank you for a new start.


    • michelle q.
    • Charleston, WV
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This man is the real thing. We had to file bankruptcy, went through the whole process, seemed like nothing. THEN afterwards find out about all kinds of things we wish we had be told about DURING so we could have made decisions. Now that we are left with questions, I searched everywhere and could not get straight answers, in some cases, a person…..until I emailed Leon Bayer at: ( I am putting it all out here for anyone who also needs help. He got back to me within the day, VERY easy to understand. If you need help, this is the man to contact!!)
Bayer, Wishman & Leotta
Attorneys at Law
Main Office:
888 S. Figueroa Street, Suite 1970
Los Angeles, CA 90017
TEL: 213-629-8801
fX: 213-629-8802
Toll Free: 800-477-3111
Other Offices: Long Beach, Encino


    • B S.
    • Thousand Oaks, CA
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Mr. Bayer is not just a fine attorney; he is a considerate and compassionate human being. I never thought I would go through a bankruptcy and my self esteem was at a low ebb, even though the bankruptcy was the result of caring for my senior Mom, the loss-of-equity in my home, and the inability to sell the home. He told me I was being too hard on myself. There was never a time when he did not quickly answer my questions. I always felt I was working with an attorney with an impeccable reputation, who would provide me with expert advice.  (Submitted by B.W.S.)


    • Eric W.
    • Long Beach, CA
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Jeffrey Wishman is an awesome attorney. His price is fair, the service is excellent and he actually returns phone calls? What attorney do you know that does that? Jeffrey’s skills and knowledge of the law saved me thousands and more importantly I can sleep at night.

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    • Rey K.
    • Long Branch, NJ
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It was great to hire Bayer, Wishman and Leotta law firm. I will simply say, hiring them diminished my pain of going through the Bankcruptcy process and getting dicharged. They are very professional and prompt. I talked to quite a few attorneys before hiring them. I hired them on my very first discussion and day one I met them in the office.
I am glad I was right.


    • KEN S.
    • Norco, CA
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i interviewed 7 different firms prior to choosing bayer, wishman & leotta. i chose them because they were upfront and honest and told me what i needed to know and not what i wanted to hear which is crucial during a decision as important as bankruptcy. they were extremely thorough which was evident the day of court. while there i witnessed about 30 case go before the trustee. bayer, wishman & leotta’s firm handled (including mine) about 5 cases in my presence of the 30 i was witness too. all of theirs went thru very smoothly, the others that were handled by other firms were being picked apart, and mostly for stupid things such as incorrect social security numbers, addresses etc..things that should of been caught long before court.
if you need to do a bankruptcy, you have to go with the absolute best not the guys offering you a “deal” use bayer wishman & leotta.

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