$700 Los Angeles Bankruptcy case rip off!

$700 Los Angeles Bankruptcy case rip off by a crook lawyer. It is a classic Los Angeles bankruptcy fee ripoff.

$700 Los Angeles Bankruptcy

A $700 Los Angeles Bankruptcy case rip off is being pushed by a certain attorney. Please read this Los Angeles bankruptcy fee ripoff warning. It is a classic bait and switch rip off.

Here are the facts. I was exchanging several emails with a prospective client. Then I stopped hearing from him.

A few weeks later I was contacted again by the same prospective client. The client went somewhere else. He was expecting to get a $700 Los Angeles Bankruptcy case offered by another lawyer.

The client wants to know if I can still help him. He sent me an email to let me know what happened when he went to the other lawyer. Below is the actual email I received from the prospective client:

An actual bate and switch bankruptcy ripoff report:

Hello, I went to a free consultation with an attorney today for a chapter 7 bankruptcy and when going over the charges, they mentioned that aside from the attorney fees, credit report, and court filing fees, there was a $100 charge for each individual credit card account to which I carried a balance. Is this accurate, and if so, is it a fixed rate or depends on individual attorney? It was $700 in attorney fees, $300 credit report, $335 court filing fee, $2000 ($100 for each credit card). For a total of $3335. Marcos.

- After that horrible experience, Marcos came back to us, and we are handling his case for a $775 lawyer fee. Thanks, Leon.
$700 los angeles bankruptcyGive that lawyer an “F” in honesty and beware of Los Angeles bankruptcy fee ripoff.

The other lawyer was offering a $700 Los Angeles Bankruptcy case to bring in clients who need a cheap Los Angeles bankruptcy case. But, the other lawyer would not honor the price after he had the client in the office. It is a classic Los Angeles bankruptcy fee ripoff.

The client was told the final cost of the Los Angeles bankruptcy case was going to be $3335.00! 

You can see for yourself why we are different.

Please check out the Bankruptcy Client Reviews for Bayer, Wishman & Leotta. I think you will like what you see. We actually will do a simple Chapter 7 bankruptcy case for as low as $775 plus filing fee.

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